National Association of IDeA Principal Investigators

Article 1: Name of the Organization

The name of the Organization shall be the National Association of IDeA Principal Investigators (NAIPI).


Article 2: Mission

The mission of NAIPI is to provide leadership and communication for the development, promotion and improvement of biomedical research through the INBRE, COBRE, and CTR IDeA programs.


Article 3: Specific Objectives

  • To foster interactions between the IDeA program and its constituencies
  • To promote resource sharing among the INBRE, COBRE, and CTR programs
  • To enhance the visibility of the IDeA Program
  • To develop a consensus on priorities and new directions for IDeA
  • To identify and disseminate best practices within the IDeA program
  • To identify opportunities and develop strategies to achieve the common goals of the IDeA program


Article 4: Membership and Dues

Voting members of NAIPI shall consist of the Principal Investigators and Program Coordinators of the INBRE, COBRE, CTR and any other future new center grant mechanisms within the IDeA program.  Also, COBRE Project Leaders, INBRE Project Investigators, and self-identified Principal Investigators whose grant received IDeA co-funding will be voting members of NAIPI.  Former IDeA Principal Investigators will have emeritus status (without voting rights). The NIGMS staff will be advisory, ex-officio members.


Article 5: National Committee

The National Committee shall consist of 20 members, five for each Regional Division of IDeA, elected by the voting members in each division and including two INBRE and three COBRE, CTR, or other IDeA center grant Principal Investigators for each of the four Regional Divisions: Northeastern, Southeastern, Central, and Western.  NIGMS staff may serve on the NAIPI National Committee in an ex-officio, non-voting capacity.

Duties of the National Committee will include all aspects related to the initial organization of the Association and the development of programs in support of the purposes of the Association.


Article 6: Working Groups of the National Committee

Working Groups of the National Committee will come from volunteers among the National Committee members and NAIPI at large and will include but not be limited to:  Website hosting and communication; exploration of incorporation of NAIPI; strategic planning for the IDeA Program; other working groups as needed. NIGMS staff will be members of each working group. Each working group will appoint an IDeA PI as chair, who will report to the Executive Committee of the National Committee.


Article 7: Terms of Service on National Committee

Each member of the National Committee shall serve a four-year term, with a fourth of the members rotating off every year. Consecutive terms of service on the National Committee are permitted, if a member is re-elected.


Article 8: Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of NAIPI shall consist of four members elected by the National Committee. These include a President, a Vice President, a Past President, and a Secretary who will each serve for three years. In addition, the NAIPI Treasurer, who will be appointed by the President in consultation with the Executive Committee, will participate in the Executive Committee and National Committee meetings in an ex-officio capacity.  Members of the Executive Committee will remain on the National Committee as long as they remain in office.

Up to three NIGMS staff members may serve on the NAIPI Executive Committee as non-voting (ex-officio) members.


The NAIPI President will maintain accurate e-mail communication listings of all members, communicate regularly with them about the activities of NAIPI and solicit input for Strategic Planning or when input is requested by NIGMS.

The NAIPI Vice President will transition to President, and the outgoing President will serve on the Executive Committee for an additional three years as Past President, so that each member of the Executive Committee will serve for a total of nine years.


The Executive Committee will prepare grant applications as appropriate to fund special meetings of NAIPI outside the bi-annual National IDeA meeting.


The Executive Committee shall represent the NAIPI position to NIGMS and other organizations, shall organize all meetings of the National Committee and/or the membership at large, and shall implement the policies and decisions of the NAIPI.

The Executive Committee may solicit NAIPI membership consent on specific issues by electronic voting and without physically meeting at one location.  The Executive Committee may appoint an ad hoc committee to study issues of interest to NAIPI.

The NAIPI President shall preside over all NAIPI meetings, those of the National Committee and those of the general membership; in his/her absence, the Vice President or the Past President (in this order) will preside over a meeting.

The NAIPI Secretary will take care of the collection of minutes of all meetings, and the Treasurer will manage the financial and fiscal aspects of the organization’s operations.


The Executive Committee will insure that progress is made by the standing working groups and keep a regular communication with the IDeA Program staff.


Article 9: Meetings

The NAIPI National Committee shall meet at least annually at locations to be determined by the Executive Committee.


The NAIPI Executive Committee shall meet at least quarterly by tele/videoconferencing, and at least once per year (in conjunction with the National Committee annual meeting when scheduled) in person.


A general meeting of the NAIPI membership will be held every year. Once every two years, the general meeting may be held in conjunction with the biennial meeting of IDeA.


Article 10: Elections 

General elections for members of the National Committee will be held every year in each of the four IDeA regions.


INBRE members rotating off the Committee will be replaced by elected INBRE PIs and COBRE or CTR members by COBRE or CTR PIs to keep the 2:3 ratio.  It is possible for members to be re-elected to the committee.


The development and oversight of election procedures shall be the responsibility of NAIPI’s Executive Committee and the procedures must be approved by the National Committee prior to implementation.

Electronic means of election, including e-mail ballots, are permissible.

Changes in the election procedures must also be approved by the National Committee prior to implementation.


Article 11:  Association Dues

NAIPI members are not obligated to pay dues.  However, voluntary contributions to NAIPI are welcome and may be solicited from time to time by the Executive Committee, with approval of the National Committee, to support specific NAIPI activities.


Article 12: General Organization of NAIPI


Article 13: Amendment of Bylaws

These bylaws may be amended by the voting members of NAIPI.  Positive votes of the majority of NAIPI members participating in a vote taking place at the general meeting, or at special meetings arranged by the Executive Committee and approved by the National Committee, shall be required to ratify these bylaws and/or implement any changes.  The notice of proposed changes to these bylaws must be distributed at least one calendar week prior to the annual general meeting of the NAIPI membership.  In lieu of votes during a meeting, special voting arrangements may also include voting on bylaws by electronic means.  Electronic voting will require a two-week advanced notice to all members.  Electronic voting will occur within a specified time not to exceed five business days.


May 2014